Elene N. Dahners Trull
elene at dahners dot com
  307 Millbrook Dr.
Pittsboro, NC 27312
(919) 789-1854
Professional Software Engineer focused on embedded system design. Excellent problem solving skills with the ability to assess and communicate new ways of working. Established as a software customer interface willing to work hard to get the customers what they need. Skilled in managing and debugging code from simultaneous projects, creating scripts to automate tasks, documentation, and organization. Excellent team player as well as a valued individual contributor.

    Windows, Linux/Unix
    C, Perl, C++, Java, Ruby
    HTML, PHP, Javascript
    ClearCase, GIT, Eclipse
    Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel

    Foreign Language
    Four years of high school Spanish classes as well as five semesters of upper level Spanish classes and three months in Spanish classes over-seas.


    Software Engineer Plexus, Raleigh, NC 2013 - present
    Software Engineer Ericsson MBM, RTP, NC 2010 - 2013
    Integration and Build Environment Tools Designer.
      • Integration team collaboration motivator, pushing for better group cohesion
        o Instigated a team task tracker which improved team work division and flow
      • Software Integration responsible on five projects; at least two simultaneous at any given time
      • Designed scripts to improve efficiency of build environment by leveraging parallelability and optimizing to make functionality multi-purpose

    Consulting Software Engineer ST Ericsson, RTP, NC 2009 - 2010
    Integration and Delivery Lead for Customer Projects.
      • Worked directly with multiple customers on simultaneous projects, including:
         o First high volume Sony Ericsson HSPA based phones targeted for American market (AT&T, T-Mobile, Telcel, Vivo, Telefonica, Rogers)
         o Sony Ericsson Android based concept device
      • Collaborated in debugging several time critical Type Approval issues reported by customers in the field to ensure timely operator acceptance
      • Responsible for all deliveries and documentation
      • Performed unit tests on devices

    Software Engineer Ericsson, RTP, NC 2007 - 2009
    Performed integration and delivery activities for Customer Projects as well as assisted in the development of tools to enhance the workplace.
      • Initiated refined method for managing code labels in incident tracking tool and presented new method to Customer Projects team, which made fixes clearer for future reference
      • Developed time saving tools to generate useful documents such as three way label comparison spreadsheets and label lists with details, which increased efficiency
      • Worked directly with multiple customers on simultaneous projects, including:
         o Sony Ericsson PC300 PCMCIA card, EC400 Express34 card, and MD400 USB dongle projects based on the first ST-Ericsson HSPA platform
         o Ericsson MBM F3507 mini-card project based on the first ST-Ericsson HSPA platform
      • Responsible for deliveries and documentation

    Intern GlaxoSmithKline, RTP, NC 2005
    Repaired and performed quality assurance on laptops. Assisted in shipping, receiving, terminations, and asset delegation.
      • Successfully combined broken laptops into functioning laptops for a Dell sell back program resulting in cost savings

    Sleep Monitor, Course Project 2013
    Electrooculogram (EOG): Designed an electrode to computer interface to record eye movement data points while a user sleeps. Final design involved a PCB which fit in a mask.
      • Designed analog gain and filter circuit in OrCad Allegro before prototyping
      • Laid out surface mount PCB design using DipTrace
      • MSP430G2553 microcontroller used for low power and on board ADC and UART

    Embedded Design, Multi-Phase Project 2010
    Autonomous line following vehicle: Implemented a vehicle to follow a line using two infrared sensors. The controller unit was a RENESAS board with an M16C, programmed in C.
      • Using available switches and potentiometers, implemented a menu system to allow for on the fly setup of line darkness
      • Also worked with a GPS module using SiRF, which interfaced with the car and could be used to set the car driving toward a particular coordinate

    Cruise Control, Final Project 2007
    Cruise Control: Solo project using an RC car, implemented cruise control using a BX24 chip, programmed in BASICX.
      • Expanded on the original requirements by repurposing the RC board to change and set speeds in addition to maintaining the option to steer


    NC State University, Raleigh, NC
    MS Computer Engineering, May, 2013GPA:    4.0 / 4.0
    BS Computer Engineering, December, 2010GPA: 3.659 / 4.0
    BS Electrical Engineering, May, 2007GPA: 3.595 / 4.0
       Spanish Minor 


    Special Achievement Recognition: “Secured Sony Ericsson and MBM Platform deliverables”, 2008
    Eta Kappa Nu Member - Beta Eta Chapter
    Duke Energy Scholarship Recipient
    National Society of Collegiate Scholars
    Golden Key Member
    Semester Dean's List - 6 semesters

    IEEE member since 2005

US Citizen